• brand with purpose.


    Jason Bennett, Founder + CEO


    My first job was at Star Hardware, a True Value franchise owned by my grandparents. They taught me to work hard, be trustworthy, have integrity, and treat people with respect. The name True Star Consulting is in honor of them.


    These lessons became the foundation of a successful marketing career leading branding, advertising, digital, and communication strategies for Fortune 500 companies. After 15 years of telling their stories, it's time to tell yours.


    You can learn more about my background and extensive experience on LinkedIn.


    True Star Consulting will help define your brand purpose, and then develop the supporting strategies, creative, and messaging that will set you apart from the competition.


    Together we will:

    • Create marketing plans that strengthen brand loyalty and drive profitable sales
    • Tell engaging and innovative stories that deepen the connection with customers
    • Flawlessly execute each initiative with speed, efficiency, and attention to detail

    Together we will reach your true potential.


    From local businesses to global movements, from startups to established brands, my clients share a deep desire to be industry leaders and customer favorites. True Star Consulting has helped them succeed.


    Work samples and references are available on request.


    Experience the music.

    Amplifyd brings together a passionate community of artists and fans connected by a shared love of electronic music, and gives fans access to music and experiences from their favorite artists that they can’t find anywhere else.


    Natural fibers from Patagonia and the Andes.

    Animaná is an Argentinian sustainable fashion movement that enables producers to share their beautiful, natural fibers and artistry with the world. They connect suppliers with international markets, and they add value through design, management, and communication.

    Apollo Aid Foundation

    Together with music.

    The Apollo Aid Foundation unites dance music artists and fans to support causes that help build a healthier and happier world. Together the dance music community can make a difference.

    Basil Racuk

    Beyond craft.

    Basil Racuk is a San Francisco boutique and online store featuring one-of-a-kind handmade leather goods with a sophisticated blend of form and function and a fearlessly Northern California aesthetic.

    Center for Resource Solutions

    Advancing sustainable energy.

    CRS is a national nonprofit with global impact. They develop expert responses to climate change issues, and provide innovative leadership to build policies and consumer-protection mechanisms in renewable energy, greenhouse gas reductions, and energy efficiency.

    The Coffee Quest

    Join the adventure.

    The Coffee Quest is an international team of coffee lovers drawn to Colombia by rumors they'd find the world’s finest coffee beans. They built farm relationships, heard inspiring stories of Colombia's renewal, and decided to contribute by investing in the coffee and the people behind it.


    Work with purpose.

    Imperative empowers Purpose-Oriented people and supports the organizations that embrace them, believing that together they have the power to transform the economy and society.

    Liberty Blooms

    Grow with us.

    Liberty Blooms is a leading importer of Colombian flowers to the United States and Canada. They combine an advanced logistics approach with a superior supply chain operating model to deliver the freshest flowers possible to their customers.

    The Plant Cafe Organic

    Eat healthy, be healthy. 

    The Plant Cafe Organic makes it easy and affordable to eat delicious, healthy, local, and organic food. Their mission is to promote the well-being of people and the planet, as well as support healthy choices and sustainable practices.


    Create awesome presentations.

    PowToon combines the power of visual, audio, and emotion to create captivating and dynamic presentations. In an increasingly distracted world, business professionals and education leaders rely on PowToon to convey complex ideas and drive results.


    Full service. Personalized attention. Real results.

    Proleadsoft is a collection of innovative and talented Web, Mobile, Design, Development, and Online Marketing professionals with the experience and attention to detail who take businesses to the next level.


    Powerfully precise visual search solutions.

    Riviter is the world's fastest, smartest, most accurate, and most powerful visual search engine, and is used by retailers to grow revenue and increase conversion while eliminating lost sales due to stockouts and irrelevant product suggestions.


    Powering the next generation of digital today.

    Skava is a leader in providing modern e-commerce and digital platforms. Their cloud-native, microservices based technology enables continuous innovation in a mobile first world. They help leading retailers and enterprises across the world deliver engaging omnichannel, customer-centric experiences.


    A just bathhouse.

    SOAK is a modern, urban bathhouse coming soon to San Francisco's Mission Bay neighborhood. Lush, immaculate, and healthy, SOAK is a bathhouse like no other: design-driven, ecological, and built for urbanites of all stripes.


    Your culinary concierge.

    Tablehopper is a weekly insider e-column about the San Francisco dining and drinking scene (and beyond). Subscribers get all the latest on what’s new, opening, closing, and delicious, plus invites to cool food, wine, and cocktail events, and more.


    Superior quality. Perfect fit.

    Vastrm was founded with the goal of using the highest quality fabrics to create the perfect fitting polo for the distinguished gentleman, and has become the leading provider of premium, made-to-order sportswear for individual customers and retailers across the country.


    Welcome to the home of your dreams.

    WelcomeHomeSF is a visionary team of experienced agents who combine extensive marketplace insight and property access with a pragmatic, fun, and collaborative approach to help clients find their dream home in the San Francisco Bay Area.


    Let's build your brand together.